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Fire Alarm System




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Helping Your Business Grow


Fort Mac Security Solutions is a comprehensive and offers high quality security service in Fort Mcmurray and Montreal.

We are a licensed security service provider offering a wide variety of the highest standards in security systems - from installation, maintenance and repair that guarantees the most protection that you need for your home and/or business, servicing Fort Mcmurray and Montreal.

With our established reputation for quality and service, we provide you the right security systems starting with our high definition surveillance cameras, latest wireless or hard wired security systems, fire alert systems, top of the line access systems and electrical work, with high a caliber of proffesional security and discret work. Our highly skilled, well-experienced and certified technicians and electricians are trained to provide flawless work on the electrical installation, repair and maintenance of your systems.

Our fire alert systems include the highest caliber of ULC rated devices and equipment working together to detect and alert you through visual and audio features (e.g. alarm or camera) when smoke or fire is present. These alarms are easily activated by our quality detectors and sensors.

Our home intrusion systems include leading-edge and sophisticated equipment of intrusion prevention (IP) systems that work to give you the utmost protection for your home or business. Our IP systems monitor any malicious activities such as security threats or breaches and policy violations. Our IP also logs suspicious activity, attempt to block the activity and finally report it with high end notification measures.

Our access control systems include exceptional technology to provide efficient access in your work place and protection detecting unwanted access to your work place or other resources. We assure you of our strong access control which will work on the monitoring of your resources and important information.

Whether it is installation, maintenance, and repair, when it comes to security, Fort Mac Security Solutions knows exactly what you need. We extend our service at Fort Mcmurray and Montreal areas.

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